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Senegalese tax lawyers

The members of Senegalese DoYouTax? Network have extensive knowledge of the key challenges for enterprises but also of the evolutions affecting the various business sectors.



Ismaila BA

Expert in Law and Taxation | Dakar

Atlas Firm
Lot 47 Sud Foire cité SOCABEG

(+221) 33 827 31 51 | (+221) 77 556 96 24


Ismaila BA is a tax lawyer with a degree in ICT law and another holder of a tax law. After more than 15 years of experience in tax consulting, multinational and listed companies. Ismaila is now director of the Afric Tax and Law Services firm based in Dakar. He also leads many high-level training seminars on business taxation and ICT law, as well as professional training at the university and in the country’s leading business and finance schools. Ismaila is passionate about the ICT saga with research on digital taxation of the digital economy adapted to Start UP in countries like Senegal and those of UEMOA.