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DoYouTax? Network is a worldwide association of leading tax lawyers that cooperate to provide a complete range of international legal and business services to clients.

Rapid developments in the global economy are prompting swift and constant changes to tax laws in many countries, posing new and complex legal challenges for multinational companies and for high net worth individuals (HNWIs). Sweeping reforms are now being contemplated worldwide, and are likely to result in major tax impacts for companies and HNWIs. It is essential to be aware of such changes and to respond effectively.

Individually and together, members of the International Tax & Private Wealth DoYouTax? Network can assist. Members apply in-depth expertise to a range of complex challenges relating to both international corporate taxation as well as the taxation of private wealth. Collectively, via our International Tax & Private Wealth DoYouTax? Network, they can bring a global perspective and seamless solutions to any tax dilemma: a call to any single member can harness a tailored advisory team in two or 20 jurisdictions.

Members of the International Tax & Private Wealth DoYouTax? Network regularly collaborate on digital comparative law guides and other resources useful in members’ day-to-day practice – to help them better serve clients wherever those clients invest and operate.